Boxes, choices, and how wikipedia saved my (ass) premise

Did you know that ‘mind over matter’ generally refers to, in the omniscient words of Wikipedia, “paranormal phenomena, especially psychokinesis”? I definitely didn’t. Shoot.

What I was going for when I conned my blog was the idea that we can do things outside our circumstances. Knock down the walls of our boxes, in other words. So when I faithfully wikipediaed the phrase, it was mildly disheartening to see, under Definition, the first sentence: “The term does not relate to the belief that the mind is more powerful than the body.”

Well shoot, I thought. There goes my whole thing. The premise. My social platform just dropped out under my feet.

But omniscient Wikipedia goes on to say that mind over matter also goes along the lines of “responsibility assumption.” Basically, we pave our paths. We have this great ability to affect our future. Thank God. Platform restored.

Because that’s my thing, that’s what gets stuck in my head. Wherever you are in your life, you’re there because the choices you made led you there.

I’ve made some shitty choices, particularly now, as we stand at the cusp of summer. Who hasn’t? Not only am I indecisive, uncertain of my future, and timid, but I am in college, specifically the end of college. We ace the shitty choice game, right? Staying up till three watching Friends or studying for that philosophy final. Uhhh…

So I did two things. They might not technically qualify as good choices but I did them.

I started a blog.

And I applied to work at a resort in CO for the summer three days ago. After three weeks of resigning myself to another summer of warehouse work.

Today I got a call for a phone interview.

I’m just another hippie Goodwiller who goes through books like pieces of gum and writes as much as possible, even if it just feels like shoveling shit from a sitting position. But once upon a time I would have never had the balls to apply for something like that, for making some crazy leap. So I made this blog to see if this girl can keep on riding this train. Let’s do this thang.


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