Hot stuff

Hoo buddy. Anyone else lay around like cats after work today? I tell you what, when the temperature reaches triple digits and there is no source of water large enough to jump in available, it’s a sign of a stay-in night. You know, the kind with cereal for supper and Breakfast at Tiffany’s and you don’t even wear your shirt you’re still so hot.

Want to lose weight? Work in a warehouse during the summer. Trust me, the pounds melt right off. As does your face on days like these. Tit for tat.

Tonight a lightning storm blew into town, and it was a real humdinger. Man oh man. We haven’t had one of those formonths. It went something along the lines of this:

I only recently upgraded to digital (after holding out for film as long as possible…until the cost of developing my film exceeded the cost of the Nikon d40 that I got. No need for a horoscope, I get it.) so pardon the lack of professionalism. But whenever we get big lightning I can’t help but get as close to outside as possible (in this case I WAS outside…don’t tell my mom).

Lightning does that to me. My big brother and I would often stay up way too late watching lightning storms from a window upstairs. I never did it with anyone else in the family, just my big bro. I like lightning for that, for that unique little memory that’s just mine and my brother’s.

But those big lights in the sky also both fire me up and calm me down. I never feel more alive when I’m watch lightning, especially, I admit, when I’m sitting outside while the lightning bolts crash far too close for adequate safety. Anyone else get that? It’s that adrenaline rush that makes you hear every heartbeat singing. Like in the immortal words of Sylvia Plath: I am, I am, I am.

You know those tattoos where you wish you’d thought of it first?


But lightning also brings me to a calmer place. Because it reminds me of the smallness of my role in the universe. It’s like, hey, you got problems? Yes, yes you do. But then those light fingers trace paths in the sky and you remember that there are greater forces than you in this chaotic life we lead. It reminds me to remember to just be. Lightning, it just is. We build up all this extraneous shit and we freak out (this ‘we’ is an ‘I’ with an invitation for agreement, of course) because it seems so huge and dire. What does he/she/they think, what’s the best decision, should I do this/that/ahh shit.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s not huge and dire. In the end things just happen. I hate learning this lesson because it’s totally against my tendency to overthink things to a obnoxiously excessive degree.

But I promise I’m not being overly simplistic when I say that things will happen, you will live out what follows from your decisions and actions and dreams, “right ” or “wrong,” and that will just be the way it is. It’s just that it’s that simple.

And yes, I’m going to go there: it’s simple as lightning.


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